Top 3 Golf Clash Tips – Become the Top Golfer

Golf Clash Tips

Top 3 Golf Clash Tips – Become the Top Golfer

Golf Clash from Playdemic offering a unique gameplay for the golfing lovers where smooth simulation, impressive gameplay and vivid graphics giving it a boost. The game is extremely popular these days and if you have fired Apple App Store or Google Play Store then you have seen this game in trending list.

Coin and Gem are the currencies where coin is primary and Gem is premium. Both play important role in the game. One is required in the upgrade of Clubs and one can help you get club cards and balls. Both can be earned by various methods but we are here to pour light over the 3 Important factors of the game.

  1. Learn to align shots
  2. Try targeting different zones
  3. Learn to Putt

These are three basics of the Golf clash and these cover almost everything about the game. You can be the best gamer by following these.

Learn To Align Shots

The game let you learn the pure basics of the game by tutorial and it is quite helpful in the path of progression. Surely, basics matter the most in winning and you can be the top notch gamer by aligning shots perfectly. Follow the next 5 tips step by step –

  • Choose the ball you want to use in the game and it is better to go with simple ball for the beginner stages.
  • Tap on Take Shot button and it will let you apply the power. Push the ball till center, don’t apply extra power.
  • As the arrow will be going from one end to another like a pendulum so you have to leave the ball as it will be in centre.
  • When the arrow comes closer to center, you should leave it and the chances of getting better or perfect shots are higher.
  • Avoid bunkers and other areas where you can’t use awesome clubs otherwise chances of winning are higher.
  • Try using our Golf Clash Hack to simplify the game.

The first drive shot help in getting the lead and it is really important to focus on otherwise you can face issues lately.

Try Targeting Different Zones

Golf clash places the target automatically in the direction of flag but it is better to moving it forward and backward so that you can find the best place. Sometimes the golf ground isn’t flat and it can give spin to the ball that’s why you can t try different zones for the better shots. It is quite reliable and helpful method.

Learn To Putt

As after two or three shots, you reach near to hole and this time, the controls changes. Here, you have to pull the ball and a predator line let you know the direction of ball. Now, you need to pull the ball in hole. It can be tough for beginners but I recommend you to pull the ball as much as required and make sure the “Hole” start lighting a little. It ensures that if you do a perfect then the ball will be in this hole.

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