Golf Clash Tips On Making Your Game Simpler

Effective Golf Clash Tips On Making Your Game Simpler

Achieving success in Golf Clash game is not easy at all! If you are new to the game or are stuck up at a complicated level, then make use of the below-mentioned strategies. These tips will surely make your game simpler!

Upgrade Cautiously:

Upgrading items in the game requires plenty of in-game currencies. Although upgraded clubs work better; however, upgrading every single item that you have means spending loads of currencies. Currency is even required for playing against other gamers. So, you should upgrade only those items that are worth keeping and save in-game currencies for future use. If you are out of game currency use our Golf Clash Hack to generate it.

Once you have decided which clubs to upgrade, you need to know their attributes too. Clubs are available in various stats so you should check them before buying. Ensure that you have clubs of diverse stats so that you can deal with different situations easily. Power, Back Spin, Top Spin, Accuracy, and Ball Guide are the five attributes of clubs. So, when you upgrade your clubs, you are actually upgrading all these five attributes. You can consider prioritizing to upgrade your putter and driver as upgrading them will make your game easier.

Use Varied Balls:

Similar to Clubs, the balls accessible in the game have varied stats. So, you need to research well on them and use the right ball at the right time. This will help in winning the matches and make you progress in the game. Some of the unique abilities of balls are Wind Resistance and Sidespin. The Wind Resistance ability helps in cutting down the resistance of wind after shooting. Sidespin ability helps in spinning the ball sideways as soon as you shoot them. Save the special and unique Balls to compete on tricky tours such as 6, 10 and 11.

You can make use of varied balls at different time in the game. However, balls can be used only once and then they are reverted back to default. If you are able to procure some rare balls that have unique abilities, then keep them on hold and use them only at the right time. You can purchase Balls from the game shop, which are available in various packs. You can buy them by spending Gems, the premium currency.

Practice Your Moves:

If you want to master in the controls of the game then you should learn how to time your moves. The most important aspect in the game is to know when to let the ball go off. Everything should be aligned properly on the screen. There will be a target in the midst of the screen and a needle moving back and forth across it. You should ensure that the needle is at the centre of the target so that you can execute a perfect shot.

Novice gamers will require some time to practice their moves. You need to release the ball exactly at the time when the needle is going to hit the center of the target. You should even spend time in playing Golf Clash with your Facebook friends so that you can learn the closest to pin holes. You will come across several gamers on Facebook Golf Clash group who will be happy to play with you.

Opening Chests:

As soon as you win a match, you will receive a Chest as a reward. There are many more ways to acquire Chests. However, you cannot open them instantly, and have to wait for some time. So, depending on when you will be able to play the game again, you should plan to unlock the Chest.

For instance, if you are not planning to play the game for some hours, then unlock a longer timed chest. On the other hand, if you are a full-time player then you should open the chest as soon as you can so that they get unlocked quickly. All chests have different timers for opening so you need to plan well before opening them.

Participate In Tours:

Taking part in tours is the best way to earn in-game currencies and practice your moves. However, you need to pay a fee for registering in these tours. So, ensure that you have saved some in-game currencies for participating in tours and not spent all on upgrades. It is vital to have enough currencies to join at least three tours, so that you do not get stuck up in case you lose.

When you win a tour, you will be rewarded with plenty of Coins. There are several tours available in the game and you need to research well on them so that you select the best one. As you are spending in-game currencies in the registration process, you should take part in tours that have higher chances of winning. Moreover, the seasonal tours that are accessible during holidays or festive seasons offer better rewards, so you should take part in them.

However, if you have not yet learnt to hit the perfect shot in the game then do not play further than tour 1 to 3. The first three tours are easy to play and perfect for new gamers who are still learning to shoot the ball properly. Once you start hitting perfect shots at least 80% of the time by using the driver and putter, then you should think of moving further in the game.

Check Card Shop:

You should keep a check on the card shop daily. If you come across a Guardian, Sniper, Rapier, Apocalypse, Cataclysm, Goliath, or Nirvana, then acquire them instantly. These clubs will help in enhancing your game completely. If you are lucky enough then you may get these clubs by unlocking Chests. However, as the orders in which the clubs appear in Chests are random; no one knows which club you will get next!

Effect Of Wind On The Ball:

Wind plays a very important role in the game. You need to understand the manner in which wind affects the ball. If you want to hit a perfect shot, you need to understand the direction of the wind. The changes of the wind can have drastic effect on the ball so you need to practice your moves properly. If you want the ball to land in a specific spot then you should move it in the opposite direction of the wind. This may look difficult if you are a new gamer; however, practicing it well will make you perfect!

So, make use of the aforesaid tips and have a great gameplay. Remember that you should understand the tutorial carefully, learnt the controls, and practice your shots well for winning the matches in Golf Clash game. Happy gaming!

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