Golf Clash Guide For Gears, Their Abilities And Upgrades

Golf Clash Guide For Gears, Their Abilities And Upgrades

Golf Clash is super trending game for smartphone with the accessibility over IOS and Android. It is free to download game and you can enjoy a wide range of features and the unique gameplay. The PvP matches are point of attraction here but in order to achieve victory almost every time, you need better clubs.

Know About Clubs

Every single club you are using has different abilities. The first thing is the range of shooting and the driver has the highest range. You can target any zone in the range but there is also a minimum range and if you try to shoot below that then different clubs will be used.

Next thing is accuracy. The higher accuracy, the better shot you get. If you use all the clubs of higher accuracy and average in other factors then these offer better score. Clubs with long range have less accuracy but it doesn’t matter when it comes to driver and such other clubs.

You need to take care of top spin and back spin. These give you the ability to shot way more than the limits. Driver with long range and both top as well as back spins are better to use. These help in perfect shots and hitting long range easily.

Lastly, you need to focus on the curl and ball guide. Curl will be useful in later stages and these are used by intermediates. On the other hand, the second thing is ball guide which let you know the zone going to be covered by ball.

Use Right Gears And Upgrade Them

There are total eight clubs in the game and each one is playing different role. Driver gives you the first hit and the putter is used to putt the ball in hole. Rough iron and sand wedge are the most important one because these can save when you have landed in rough area or the bunker.

Each club has upgrades except the putter. There are number of cards decided for the upgrade and you need to collect them. Even each club has many options. First of all, collect coins and don’t spend it on the upgrades until you feel lagging.

Choose some of the best club. Personally, I have been using “The Extra Mile” in the game for long time. It has the great ability of shooting long range and it can be increased by upgrading. Choose the right clubs first and keep playing. And when you get used to each one of them then upgrade them.

 Final Words

The chest is able to provide cards and if you want to get any cards by spending gems then there is option given for it but we recommend you that don’t spend money on it. You can face issues by spending money and chances of spending hundreds of dollars are higher with this method. It is better to win as much as possible and grab higher amount of coins and gems as well as the chest for cards or just simply use Golf Clash Cheats.

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