Comprehensive Golf Clash Guide 2018

Comprehensive Golf Clash Guide 2018


Coins are the primary currency of the game that is required for buying several items from the game shop, paying entrance fees for matches, and much more. You can earn plenty of Coins by taking part in Tours and winning them. Moreover, if you want to earn some extra Coins, then you can even replay the same Tour again and win Coins easily. Another easy way is to use our Golf Clash Cheats.

Another easy way to earn Coins is by watching videos that are available in the game. You can watch the same ads repeatedly for earning Coins. Even though the amount of Coins you earn is less, eventually they will add up and help to progress in the game. You can even buy Coins by spending real world money. Don’t ever waste your Gems on buying Coins as it is not going to make your game better. Instead, acquire Coins by using the traditional methods of gaming or using this Golf Clash Guide.


Gems are the special currency of the game and acquiring them is difficult. However they can easily be generated with Golf Clash Hack , but if you want to play by the rules follow up this guide. Gems can be used for buying premium items in the game. Also, you will require Gems for upgrading clubs. You can acquire some Extra Mile cards by using Gems. The Gold and Silver Chests take hours to unlock; however, if you want to open them early then use Gems.

You can unlock Gems in the free chests and pin chests. However, there are some tour chests that will not give you even a single gem. Complete the various Achievements that are available in the game for earning Gems as rewards. You can keep a check on the Achievements that can be completed in the game by viewing your profile. Gems can also be bought by spending real money. Gems can be used for buying Cards; however, you can buy only one card at a time. Pay Gems to get three games as a reward!


You can make use of Gems for buying balls. There are several balls accessible in the game among which Kingmakers and Titans are the expensive ones. You can acquire them by playing Tournaments or unlocking Chests. Moreover, you can spend Gems on buying the cheaper balls like Navigators or Quasars.


Chests can make your game all the more interesting. There are several ways to acquire Chests for free. When you link your Facebook account to the game, you will be rewarded with a Platinum Chest. Moreover, after every four hours, you will get a Chest for free. If you have missed acquiring them then whenever you login to the game, just check if you can claim the free Chest at that time.

You usually get four Silver Chests and then a Gold or Platinum Chest. It is important to keep a slot open, especially when a Gold or Platinum Chest is due. If there is no open slot for them to drop into then you might miss out the Platinum or Gold Chest. You may even spend 20 Gems to open up slots where these chests can drop into, especially when it is the right time for them to drop. So, make sure you keep a track of all this. Depending on how often you play the game, you may get a Platinum Chest about once in a month.

After every eight successful putts, you will be rewarded with a Pin Chest. Some of the items that you can acquire in Pin Chest are Coins, Gems, Rocket, Apache, Viper, Katana, etc. You can consider saving some in-game currencies in buying Tournament Chests. This is because you will be able to acquire good amount of Gems, Balls, and Coins in these Chests. The best way to acquire more Cards in chests is by ranking up in the league. As you keep reaching higher ranks the chances of acquiring Cards increases considerably.


The player who has better clubs will have better chances of winning the match. So, it is vital to keep your clubs upgraded. Also, do not just focus on acquiring a club with single attribute. As you will be facing varied scenarios in the game, you should be well-prepared for all of them and have clubs of different stats available with you.

The easiest way to acquire Clubs is by unlocking various Chests. Ensure that you open the Chests as soon as you receive them as they contain Tickets for certain clubs or balls. Remember to keep track of your Tickets so that you can use them at the right time for upgrading your clubs. Some of the clubs that you can acquire in the game are:

  • Beginner Putter
  • The Extra Mile
  • The Big Dawg
  • The Thorn
  • The Dart
  • The Malibu


Turnkeys are the best way to acquire Clubs and Specialty Balls. It is a good method to earn Coins too as you can never acquire enough Coins through Chests.


By participating in various tours, you can earn Trophies as rewards. You will need Trophies for acquiring Chests in the game. In each tour, you can win a fixed amount of trophies. As soon as you have earned the maximum amount of Trophies in a particular Tour, you cannot win any more Trophies, irrespective of replaying the tour. For instance, by taking part in the Beginner Tour, you can earn a maximum of 20 Trophies and in World Links Tour; you can earn a maximum of 300 Trophies.

To conclude, make use of our Golf Clash Guide and have a fantastic time while playing Golf Clash game!

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