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Golf Clash Hack – Gems and Coins Cheats 2018

If you enjoy playing the game of golf then you must start playing Golf Clash online game too! It is a 1-on-1 golf simulator game that can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices. Though the game is simple to play, but mastering it is tough. You need to practice well for succeeding in the higher levels of the game. This aspect and Golf Clash Hack makes the game an addictive one!

Golf Clash Hack


The game can be played in two ways: you can either play with your friends or there is a PvP option that will allow you to play with random players through the game’s servers. If you have any problems in playing the game, then check out its amazing tutorials where everything has been explained in detail.

It is always better to start playing the game with your friends in the beginning. This will enable you to practice a bit, especially because the game does not give you much chance to practice your shots as there is no training mode or an option to play online. Once you gain some experience in the game, you can then play with players from across the world.

Similar to the real golfing game, you need to put the ball into the hole in fewer strokes than the opponent. Simple, isn’t it? Well, it is not as simple as it sounds! The game is extremely engrossing and can keep you hooked for several days.

Some of the engaging elements of the game is that you can check the preparatory actions that are been taken by the opponents in real time. So, you can know in advance when the shot is going to turn bad or if it is a successful one.

Another interesting feature of the game is the tie breaker round. The player that comes closest to the cup in a single shot becomes the winner. When you win a match, you can earn Gold Coins and Treasure Chests you can also use Golf Clash hack for Coins. As you keep progressing in the game, you need to upgrade your equipment so that you win matches easily.

Numerous Chests:

Each Chest in the game is filled with prizes that include Coins, Club Cards, Gems, and Premium Golf Balls. There are six different types of Chests available in the game. When you win a match or finish within the top 3 positions in your weekly league, then you can acquire Wooden, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Chests. Every four hours, you can even acquire one Wooden Chest for free. The King Chest can be bought from the in-game store. When you put 8 balls at a stretch, then you will earn Pin Chest, which is quite unique. Some people are lazy to open chests they prefer using this Golf Clash Hack.

Club Cards:

Each Club in the game has its own Club Card. These cards can be used for upgrading your Clubs. Moreover, they can even be used for unlocking a new Club and for that you need to first find the Club Card in a Chest or purchase it from the game store. If you come across the same Club Card in the game more than once, then you can use it for upgrading your Clubs. To upgrade them, you need to select the golf bag icon from the main menu screen. In this screen, you can even check the number of cards that are required to upgrade each club. An easy way to acquire Club Cards is by unlocking them in the Chests. Moreover, you can even purchase them from the game store.

Earning Trophies:

There are a maximum number of trophies that can be earned in each Tour of the game. For instance; in Tour 1 you can earn 20 Trophies, in Tour 2 you can earn 50 Trophies, in Tour 6 you can earn 500 Trophies, and so on. Trophies can also be lost in the game, so you need to play carefully. You can even earn Coins from the completed Tours or by using Golf Clash Hack. To know the number of Trophies that you have in each Tour can be checked on the Tour select screen.

In-Game Currencies:



Coins and Gems are the two main currencies of the game. Coins are the primary currency that is required to pay the entrance fee for entering any match. Coins can also be used for upgrading the Clubs so that they become more powerful and accurate. Acquiring Coins is not easy at all, as you need to win matches on a regular basis. When you win a match, then you will receive your stake back as well as your opponents in form of Coins. As you keep progressing in the game, you will reach new Tours, which will enable you to earn loads of Coins. You can even earn them by opening Chests.

Gems are the special currency of the game. You can make use of Gems for purchasing several premium products like premium Golf Balls, special Tour Chests, etc. If you want to open a Chest instantly then you can make use of Gems. You can purchase Gems in packs such as a handful of Gems, a box of Gems, a sack of Gems, a case of Gems, a safe of Gems, and a mountain of Gems. All these Gems can be bought by spending real world money or by the most optional and preferred way generating with Golf Clash Hack.

Golf Balls:

The balls in the game can also influence your success. The Golf balls not only have statistical boosts but also have special skills. Some of these skills are the Sidespin, which will enable you to spin the balls sideways when you shoot them. The Wind Resistance skill will reduce the wind resistance while shooting. Once you use a ball in the game, then you cannot acquire it again. It is gone for good! Golf Balls can be purchased from the game shop. They are available in packs and can be bought by spending Gems(these can be obtained with Golf Clash Cheats); the in-game currency. Different kinds of balls have varied levels of characteristics – power, wind resistance, and side spin.

Here are some wonderful tips and tricks that you could follow to make your Golf Clash game successful:

  • When you finish watching the tutorial of the game, you will be immediately standing against an opponent. This is just a practice match as the first opponent is a bot. So, do not worry and play the game confidently. It is just to give you an idea of the real match. Once you get your first win, you will be able to play against real opponents from across the world.
  • If any of your matches ends on a draw, then you will be taken to a shootout where you will get one single chance / shot to get the ball as close as possible to the hole.
  • Open the chests as soon as you receive them otherwise there will be a long list of Chests waiting for you to be opened. If you earn a Chest when your Chest slots are full, then you will lose them. So, make sure that you have some free slots available forever in the game.
  • Clubs can be used instantly as soon as you unlock them. However, ensure that you upgrade them regularly.
  • Make use of both – Top Spin and Back Spin to make the ball spin in a certain direction much faster, while changing the path of the ball to some extent. Once you master the art of spin, then you will be able to beat your opponents effortlessly.
  • Always aim for a high ranking in league play. This will enable you to acquire more Cards inside the Chests.
  • When you complete an Achievement, you can earn rewards such as Gems or you can simply hack them with Golf Clash hack.
  • As soon as you connect your game to social media sites like Facebook, then you will earn reward in form of Platinum Chests for free of costs. Wonderful, isn’t it? So, get your game connected to several social media sites right away.
  • Always check your Clubs and ensure that you are using the most powerful Club and ball.
  • Golf Clubs are grouped into various types like wood, wedge, putter, iron, etc.
  • The more Trophies you earn the more advanced opponent you will get to play against. So, make sure that you keep upgrading your equipment on a regular basis so that you can fight with powerful opponents easily.
  • Always remember that when you are close to the hole, the controls of the game changes for putting the ball. Make sure that you know these controls before you begin to play.
  • For the first shot, you will require more power. However, for the subsequent shots you won’t! So, play carefully.


All in all, the Golf Clash is a simple online game. Getting a perfect shot is not easy and will require lot of practice. The direction and strength of the wind will change for every shot. So, you need to take that into account and then shoot. Moreover, Golf Clash does not feature a guild system or a group chat, which can be a constraint for many players. Once you start playing the game, you will surely get captivated to your screens. The game has received 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, start playing this game right away and try our Golf Clash hack!

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  1. This app is truly awesome. ESP for all ages! Very easy to learn and very easy to use. It definitely has its challenge of courses and it keeps me entertained

  2. This back is wonderful because it helps keep the more wealthy people from having an unfair advantage because money is no object to them so it is easy for them to just buy everything.
    I’m a single father of two daughters and I love this game but hard for me to keep up so,ce I can’t afford purchasing things in game and this would help me stay up with rest of competition and give them some real,competition.
    I am the best at the slam dunk shot, I have a slam dunk hole in one shit! Please help,me thank you and thank you for all your hard work

  3. I can barely play tour 6 because there seems to be an automated balance within the game that prevents me from getting too far ahead, which would require me to buy coins or gems. Otherwise, the game is really fun, but frustrating.

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  5. Hello,
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  10. Golf clash is extremely fun play all the time just harx to earn enough couns to play in tbe higher rounds. Been stuck for too. Long tired of it want to play somewhere new this hack allows me to do that thanks

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